Hollow Core slab Production

The prestressed hollow-core slabs are one of the latest cutting-edge products in the precast concrete industry.These slabs are high quality concrete product, made using a very small amount of material,allow you to build large areas with less need for inside walls.

Nowadays, prestressed hollow-core panels are widely used for floor, ceiling and roof decks due to the unprecedented architectural freedom these slabs provide during and after construction. The success of Mabeton technologies is also due to highly efficient design and production methods, wide choice of unit depth and capacity as well as smooth underside and structural efficiency.

Hollow-Core slabs have continuous interior recesses which add structural stability, reduce weight and, therefore, reduce cost. The result is a sound proof, fire rated, low maintenance system with long spans and shallow depths.

These panels are used in wide span buildings such as Hospitals,Schools, Shopping Malls, Appartments, Office buildings as well as in houses due to its unexpensive cost and fast instalation.

Generaly, prestressed hollow-core slabs do not have any other reinforcing except the steel strands that provide the majority of the tensile stress that holds the slabs together under heavy loads.No cross reinforcement is needed.

Lifting loops are placed as a solution for the cantilever beams and to avoid the high loads the manipulation causes.

Hollow-Core slabs are normalized at 1200mm wide and up to 20 meters long.Height goes from 150 up to 500 mm.

Hollow Core slab Production

Casting Bed cleaning and Pulling Strands

Hollow-Core slabs are made on Casting Beds. Before casting,these beds have to be cleaned and lubrificated. Then, the strands are placed and prestressed with a special machine which simultaneosly cleans the bed using a special brush.

Once the machine returns to the active end, it places the steel strands onto the casting bed and it lubrificates it with demoulding oil.

Casting Bed

Strands prestressing

All the strands in a casting bed are prestressed simultaneously (the single strands can be prestressed individually).
A specific machine has been designed for this purpose.It moves crosswise up to the end of the hall so each casting bed can be treated with the same machine.The prestressing cylinders, specific for the casting bed, can be used as an alternative method of stressing.
Strands prestressing

Concrete Transport

Concrete is distributed from the mixing plant throughout an aerial system. A shuttle takes the concrete automatically to the appropriate site in the plant and through a feeding gantry dumps the concrete mix in the extruder.


A high capacity Extruder is the key component in the production process. This unit extrudes the slabs in a continuos mode.

Hollow Design with plotter

All the recesses to be made in a hollow core concrete slab are marked with a plotter.Cutting and division points,hollows and identification information are also marked with this supporting equipment.

All the technical data is uploaded into the plotter in advance.

Hollow Design with plotter

Hollow making (if necessary in the construction requirements), slab covering.

Hollows - recesses can be easily made after the molding process as long as the concrete is still green.These hollows can be made whether manually or by using a machine. Once the process has been completed, the production line is covered with tarpaulins to reduce the evaporation.
Hollow making


Once the curing process has been finished, the strands' tension is relieved and the slab is cut to the appropriate sizes.

Cutting is made with a diamond saw which goes along the same tracks than the extruder.

Slab lifting

Slab lifting, drainage hole drills

After cutting, the slabs are lifted from the casting beds by using the clamps of an overhead crane.Then, the slabs are taken to an automatic drill which makes the drainage holes on each end of the panel.

Transport to the factory

Transport to the factory storage yard

The hollow core slabs need to be moved onward in the factory. After being placed on the wagons , they pass the quality control check, afterwards holes are sealed with plugs and marked with the project information data, etc.

Next step : wagons go to the factory storage yard.

Slab Handling

Slab Handling at the precast factory storage yard

An overhead crane equipped with lifting clamps is used for sorting the slabs at the yard to load the truck, for instance, for final delivery to the construction site.

Hollow Core slab Production
Hollow Core slab Production
Hollow Core slab Production

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