Plant for ageing and packing paving stones

The Caleidosline is a completely automatic machine that is used to create aged or antiqued paving blocks.
This machine can be installed directly in line, over the conveyor; between the lowerator and the cubing equipment. Due to its compact design it can be installed over most existing paving block dry side lines, or it can be built off line and can be supplied with appropriate grippers and conveyor lines.
The machine has been designed to have a cycle time for each board between 12–16 seconds, so that it can work on line and not reduce the cycle time of the manufacturing machine.
There is no extra wear on the production board, as the process pushes the blocks off a board, and the blocks are brushed clean before they are pushed back onto a board, when the process is complete.
The waste material from the process falls through the steel grids in the machines curved sections, and they can easily be collected for disposal in special removable boxes under the machine.
The ageing process is achieved in two principles:
- The imitation of working within the traditional cylinder, that is the rubbing of the blocks together. During their travel around the curved tunnel of the Caleidosline, and during the shaking movement, the contact of the block edge onto another block edge causes the erosion and scratching of the corners.
- The use of powered mechanical devices, which operate on the surface and edges of the materials.

The Caleidos plant comprises of a Block Ageing Cylinder and a stacking machine, for stacking the aged paving blocks onto the pallet.Both units are controlled by an unique electronic process command.

Both machines can be supplied separately:

paving blocks
paving blocks
paving blocks


The material to be aged is introduced into the cylinder through the different feeding programs for the alternate requirements.

The machine consists of two hydraulic revolving cylinders for stacks up to 1200 x 1200 x 800.

2 fully automatic cycles control the spinning , material feeding, cylinder revolving speed.

This unit also has a cycle in which the mix of two different paving stones colours can aged.


The aged pavers coming out of the turning cylinder are aligned, rearranged, sorted, selected – meaning that the broken pieces are recognized and automatically rejected off the line - and finally stacked onto a pallet or directly onto the exit line.

Capacity: 60 ÷ 160 m2/h. depending on paving stone shape.

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