Precast concrete pipes and Manhole construction machines

VARIANT : Effective and flexible production of concrete pipes in the diameter range of 300 mm up to 6,000mm.

Depending on the machine's equipment, the following products can me produced:

  • 300 mm inside diameter pipes, 6000mm outside diameter , 5 meters useful lenght
  • 30 Tons. per piece
  • Jacking pipes
  • Water hole pipes w/without cone / Water hole pipes with base /W.h. rings and cones
  • Rectangular hollow shapes /Oval pipes / Elliptical or anual pipes
  • Dry weather chanel pipes /Flat end pipes / Steel cover pipes /PVC and polyethylene inside coating pipes

The VARIANT works "below floor level“ to keep noise emissions reduced to a minimum and absorbs the vibrations occurring during production. A Siemens PLC controls the process. Parts of the process are made fully automatic.

Optional equipment:

  • Adjustable central vibrators (frequency and centrifugal force)
  • Contour controls for producing a wide variety of odd shaped products
  • Material hopper weighing for automatic concrete requisitioning
  • Automatic spigot-end production
  • Additional equipment for the production of lined concrete pipe
Speciales features :
  • Central vibrator . Reliable, rugged
  • This design allows rapid mould changes via a hydraulic clamping device connected to the central vibrator
  • High-grade and uniform compacting
  • Consistent product wall thickness even at large diameter and weight
  • Easy handling / high reliability /easy maintenance
  • Smooth inside and outside surfaces, and dimensional accuracy.

tubos y pozos

Manhole & Precast Concrete Pipes
Manhole & Precast Concrete Pipes
Manhole & Precast Concrete Pipes
Manhole & Precast Concrete Pipes

Radial Press

The SP RADIALPRESS is a high-speed, high-performance machine for the manufacturing of concrete pipes in the diameter range i.d. 250 mm up to i.d. 2000 mm and lengths of up to 3.5 m.

It is ideal for the production of reinforced and non-reinforced bell end pipes.
    • Jacking pipes and rocker pipes
    • pipes with two spigot ends
    • Manhole rings and manhole bases

The concrete is compacted during the course of the radial pressing process. The pressing action is effected by the rotating pressing tool consisting of the distributor head, which rotates in the opposite direction of the pressing head. As a result, the torques of distributor head and pressing head largely cancel each other out, hence ensuring a precise and tension-free embedding of the reinforcement. The machine is controlled by a Siemens S7 electronic PLC.

The pipe production is fully automatic.


Product Handling.

The following modular concepts are available for the off-bearing and handling of the finished pipes inside the mould:

• SP RADIAL PRESS + forklift truck
• SP RADIAL PRESS + demoulding robot +  evacuation robot
• SP RADIAL PRESS + demoulding robot +  evacuation robot +
  moving floor system


Special Characteristics of the SP RADIAL PRESS

• Extremely high reliability and long life at minimal wear
• Very low noise level thanks to SP’s special compacting process
• Separately controllable drives for distributor head and pressing head
• Extremely simple and user-friendly operation, outstanding reliability,
  and ease of maintenance
• Fully-automated production
• High drive power for superior quality products, including
  sophisticated products like jacking pipes, thick-walled, reinforced
  pipes with multiple-reinforcement and the processing of difficult
• The high-performance electro-hydraulic drive unit of the pressing
  tools replicates the typical characteristic curve of a radial press to
  perfection, for maximum process capacity at minimum energy


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