Moulds for: Concrete elements, Paver stones , Flooring blocks, Step blocks, Kerb stones, interlocking,etc.

A team work between Mabeton and our customer will make possible to make the idea, the project ,become reality.Togheter, we will shape your desing into efficent molds usable from the very first moment.

has the perfect mould for every product, be it pavers, retaining walls or building blocks. These molds are built to the exact spezifications of our customers. STANDARD moulds are manufactured with the most advanced technologies available. They are the synonym for efficent and cost effective stone production.

Vibrobox System (VBS)

  • High Frequency Stability = Final compacting stage stability = less wearing = longer life cycle
  • Mass reduction = faster compactation = shorter cycles
  • Interchangeable parts = high profitability

Reducing the mass to an optimized minimum in combination with using damping elements made from a polymer material will add a completely new dimension to your series production.

The exciter frequency of modern block producers lies in the range between 45 Hz and 70 Hz. The way the new VB mold system has been designed prevents any superimposition of natural frequency and exciter frequency and hence the danger of any resonance-induced fracturing is reduced considerably in this way.
Vibrobox System


The usually extremely large and very robust upper section of the mold is now a two-part construction in this high-tech design. The VibroTop with exciter plate has been integrated as an additional fixture in the upper section here. The lower section of the tamper has been realized as a lightweight construction held by rubber-bonded pads as a separate part that is free to oscillate.

Height Control

Mabeton has exactly what your company needs:

Height control system: this technology will allow you to produce, at a constant height,your whole range of products.

Height accuracy provides minimum tolerance.The Height control system may be added without machines modifications.It is reliable,it does not make longer cycles, it has been proven by the facts.This system will make your factory produce in shorter time, higher quality being more profitable.

There are also other features available like e.g. post-compacting, cleaning and signal return.

Combining height control with other Mabeton high-tech systems is also possible – e.g. with charging equalization, multi-level tamper or heated tamper shoes.
Height control system

Multi-level Tamper

Differences in the height of the product are caused by tamper-shoe regions that can no longer be cleaned by a standard filling-cart brush. Cross-cleaning then becomes necessary though the effectiveness of this method is only given up to a certain difference in levels. The multi-level tamper is the answer.
Multi-level Tamper

Sliding-panel Mold

This molding technique can be used for manufacturing paving stones designed for concealed three-dimensional interlocking. The sliding-panel mold can overcome the limitations of conventional molds. This means completely new ideas in designing can be realized and that new application fields can be developed as well.
Sliding-panel Mold

Precision in Flooring Blocks

Dimensional accuracy will assure constancy in the weight of the block.

The requirements and set-up for flooring block block systems differ from country to country, whereby clarity in detailing the block and the observance of local regulations are just as important as is the engineering realized for the mold.

Options like pre-elevated core assembly, core-drawing fixtures and other special constructions make it possible to realize your ideas in series production that you can rely on.

Depending on the particular requirements, Mabeton molds can be nitride or CSi-hardened.
Precision in Flooring Blocks


The new system is an effective time saver due to the fast and easy change of wear parts.

Charging Equalization

Pneumatic charging equalization as a way of solving problems associated with producing high-grade concrete products where keeping dimensions under control can be difficult. Problems unavoidable in charging lead to high reject rates and large scatter in the quality. Pneumatic charging equalization is then used where the limits of conventional mold engineering have been reached.

Attaining uniformity in charging the mold is very difficult for large formats and facing blocks.

Uniform compacting
Crucial for a high quality level is uniform compacting. It is especially here where thanks to the impact-rail technique, the new pneumatic charging equalization from RAMPF comes into a class of its own.

High Quality
Blocks all of the same height. Uniformly compacted blocks. Homogeneously closed surfaces even when the finest fractions for facing are used.
Charging Equalization

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