Batching and Mixing Systems + Pigment Dosing Machine

Means for colouring in a concrete plant

Pigment Addition in the mixer

Pigment Dosing Machine

Pigment Dosing Machine

Pigment Addition by means of elevating hopper

Pigment Dosing Machine

Pneumatic Colour Addition to the mixer

Pigment Dosing Machine
    1. Sand Silo
    2. Aggregated's Silo
    3. Pigment Silo
    4. Additives hopper
    5. Elevating hopper
    6. MB4 Batching System pigment
    7. Mixer
    8. Cement Silo
    9. Cement weighing device
    10. End produc
    11. Stacker

Advantages of pigment dosing system

• Batching easiness
• Plant Automation
• Higher homogeneous product
• Longer lasting colours
• Better pigment use
• Batching by the volume

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