Batching - Mixing - Casting Plants

Mobil and Stationary Mixing Plants for precast concrete industry

Our Mixing,Batching and Casting plants are a solid base to the complete precast concrete production system as well as for the precast component manufacturers. Precast concrete requires an extreme accuracy at the batching control unit in order to obtain an homogenous quality.
Different Batching Systems for different production needs are available depending on the customer's needs, on the final product and on the production plant conditions.
Batching - Mixing - Casting Plants Batching - Mixing - Casting Plants Batching - Mixing - Casting Plants

Horizontal Twin Shaft Mixers

The powerful Twin Shaft Mixer is specialy designed for large volume production of different high quality concrete types, whether ready-mix type or precast concrete.

The twin shaft mixers are characterized by two parallel shafts with end scrapers at both ends of the shaft and central adjustable mixing arms manufactured from Nihard heavy dutty steel.

These units have a coating to avoid wearing. The unload hacth is controlled by two powerful pneumatic cylinders. Our Twin Shaft Mixer is a fast load-and-unload machine, with a surprising mixing technique wich assures the minimum mixing time and large volume production of a homogenous and high quality concrete.

Horizontal Twin Shaft Mixers

Pan Mixers

an Mixers

The powerful pan counter-current Mixer is specially designed for its use in precast component plants with concrete distribution systems.

The mixer's frame is made in a robust welded steel structure.The bottom boards, mixing paddles and the mixing end scrapers are replaceable parts made from Nihard long lasting steel for lower running costs over the long term.The mixers are robust and have two fast-to-use service hatches on the cover and on on the machine's side for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Moisture control

Moisture control

Moisture Measurement System

This system consists of an FL-MIKRO water dosing computer and a microwave sensor as the measurement unit for the mixer.
The Touch-Screen control guides the operator for an easy set-up.
Up to 256 different types of automatic calibration mixes are possible with our FL-MIKRO.
The measuring principle is based on the absorption of microwaves. This allows not only measurements of the surface moisture of the material, it also penetrates several centimeters into the batch. Incorrect measurements due to build up on the probe and in the mixer are minimized. This also makes it possible to have alternative slump production.

The productivity, quality and quantity are all increased by disregarding the cement homogeneity during the measuring cycle, compared with other existing conductivity moisture metering systems.
The calculated moisture is subtracted from the target water and the difference is passed through a water flow meter controlled by a water valve or into a water scale in one step only.


Moisture Measurement System
Moisture Measurement System
Instalation on the mixer bottom ,
planetary type , intensive mixer and turbine
Instalation on the mixer side next to the scrapers

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