Mabetón España s.a. is a company integrated by a team of proffesionals with a wide and deep experience in the precast concrete industry. The company was founded in 1983 and since then , it has been a leading supplier of single equipment and complete plants for the precast concrete industry.

At M
abetón España s.a., we stock a wide range of used machines.
First class machines
which our technical staff : overhauls before purchasing them, changes and refurbishes any wear part or any other element in order to set them in PERFECT working conditions for offering LEADING-GUARANTEED machinery for the concrete industry at excellent prices.

Mabetón España , distributes the machinery and equipment produced by worldwide well-known companies such as: ELEMATIC, HESS, SOCOMAC, PROBST, BODRERO CASSEFORME, ROTH and FRANZ LUDWIG.

Our comercial department is organized in different sections that are specialized in every type of machinery and customers to whom it is addressed, with highly-skilled, trained and motivated personnel working on satisfying customer needs.

On one side, we attend the after-sales service with a department exclusively dedicated to the management of spare parts, where our first goal is to optimize the supply to customers in terms of availability, cost and reliability.

On the other side with very well-equipped technicians with the latest technical equipment that, with a continuous program of training, answers to preventive maintenance and repairing of machinery.

We also have common central services to all departments, where a team of professionals works on administrative matters, financial, computer services and quality control.

Finally, the continuously research of our suppliers to diversify its range of equipment and to be always leaders in Europe and the rest of the world, allows our machines to be always in the van of new technology, anticipating the needs of customers and the new products that indicate the latest architectural trends.

Our goal is to ensure the continuity of our company obtaining through our relationships profitability and customer satisfaction.

Bodrero Casseforme
Franz Ludwig
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