ELEMATIC: Finnish worldwide leader company in the production of complete lines for precast concrete products, especially hollow core slabs and other prestressed elements.

The most known commercial trademarks are ELEMATIC, ACOTEC and ROTH.

  Elematic Elematic

HESS: This group of German companies is the leader manufacturer of machines and plants of compression and vibration products such as paving stones, blocks, kerbstones, slopes elements, etc.

It also manufactures through its branch SCHLOSSER PFEIFFER ,a range of concrete pipe making machines as well as vibration tables.It also produces Ring and Base fabricating equipment for manholes. A further market sector of the concrete-processing industry.

  Hess Hess

ROTHO: TThe history of this company goes back for four generations. ROTHO is a brand which has stood for an internationally-renowned, top-of-the-range programme of system components for cost-effective drying systems for the ceramics industry and racking systems for the concrete block industry for over 50 years. In this last case, the basic system consists of hot-dip galvanised steel sections.

State-of-the-art cold forming ensures maximum precision, load capacity and stability. Bayonet and threaded connections facilitate fast, reliable assembly. In his program ROTHO includes noise insulation cabins for machine panelling.
  Rotho Rotho


PROBST: This German company was founded in 1961 and the headquarters are situated in Erdmannhausen (BADEN WÜRTTEMBERG) they are represented in more than 100 countries all over the world. This company is leading in the development and production of state-of-the-art handling and laying machines, equipment and tools for the transport, handling and laying of concrete pieces: pavers, blocks, kerb stones, interlocking,lanscaping concrete elements, slopes, pipes, plates, slabs, cable channels, etc.

There is always a PROBST system to get job security and economy in front of your competitors.

Probst Probst

Franz Ludwig

FRANZ LUDWIG: German engineering company for the moisture measuring technology. With over 30 years of industry experience, where his moisturing system FL-WZ has realized successful and reliable operations based on the measurements of electrical conductivity. Today with his successor, the FL-MIKRO, based entirely in the microwave technology, has reached the limit of accuracy in the measurement of water in the concrete plants.

Franz Ludwig
Franz Ludwig


BODRERO CASSEFORME: On the market since 1974, this Italian company situated in the province of CUNEO is highly-specialized in the construction and installation of moulds and equipment for reinforced and prestressed concrete prefabs.

They are also our suppliers of accessories such as vibrators, magnets, anchors, leveling beams, vibration beams, steel bars etc.

Bodrero Bodrero


SOCOMAP: Italian company, its origins come from the technical knowledge of SOCOMAC. The last one is a all over the world well-known company in the marble market specialised in automatic systems and lines for marble and granite processing.
A few years ago, SOCOMAP developed the universal numeric control centre for precast walls. This system is patented and can perform different workings such as bush hammering, brushing and polishing.

The main characteristics of this machine are:

  • The use of normal tools in order to assure an excellent flexibility
  • The download of work schemes from outside applications
  • The realisation of engravings, writings and drawings on panels with a special tool
  • The possibility to choose a selection of areas to be worked in order to have various workings on the same panel

SOCOMAP offers a complete set of solutions for any precaster, thanks to the knowledge gained in the stone market.

Socomac Socomac

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